As of November 5, 2014, Bridgepoint Elementary School has been declared a B school by the Indiana Department of Education!  The staff at Bridgepoint is very proud of the hard work and effort put forth by our staff, students, and parents to make this school grade possible.


GCCS curriculum is aligned with Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards. Curriculum information is located in the main office as well as on the Greater Clark County Website. All certified staff has been trained and is participating Curriculum Mapping and Goal Clarity Windows.  Classroom elementary teachers in grades K-5 have mapped the curriculum for:  language arts, math, science, and social studies which are aligned to the State Curriculum Maps.  Performance data are linked to the maps and routinely reviewed to guide process for improving instruction and aligning the formative-assessment process. Curriculum development occurs in the following areas:

Language Arts                                               Art

Mathematics                                                  Physical Education

Science/Health                                              Technology Education

Social Studies                                                 Music

Library Media Skills

In order to understand the level of implementation of key programs and strategies, implementation data are collected and analyzed as evidenced by observations, walk-throughs, collaboration, and student work samples. Students failing ISTEP+ participate in remediation during the school day and/or after school programs.  Supplemental programs are monitored and evaluated with assessments. Student grades and report cards are aligned with Indiana Academic Standards and ISTEP+ as evidenced by correlations of student grades with scores on ISTEP+. The interventions that will address critical areas will include:

full-day kindergarten, tiered small group instruction (IMPACT Groups), extended school year (Intercessions), the use of class-size reductions teachers, and after school programming run by Communities in Schools.

∙       Our curriculum is aligned with Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards.

∙       100% of teachers identify their state standards within their daily lesson plans, maps and/or goal clarity.

∙       Consistent language in the academic areas will follow the published ISTEP+ list provided by the DOE across grade levels.

The population at Bridgepoint Elementary  is changing.  Over the past 5 years, the number of free and reduced lunch students has increased from 50.4%-66.1%.

State Assessment Dates

ISTEP+ 3-8


Assessment Window Begins

Assessment Window Ends

Applied Skills









Assessment Window Begins

Assessment Window Ends









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